Employees' skills overview

If you would like to see the skills overview of your employee, please go to the People -> Employees tab and find the "Skill summary" section. This section describes the ratings of the core skills, optional skills, and additional skills which are associated with the employees' position.

Click the "Skill details" button. You will be redirected to the new panel, where each skill is described in detail.  Three ratings are assigned to each skill:
- Self-rating which is set by the employee.
- Supervisor rating which is set by the employee's supervisor.
- TalentScore rating which comes from our inbuilt automated skills assessment solution.
Those ratings help to check what percentage of a given skill has been achieved by the employee. Using the pen icon (red arrow on the screenshot) next to a skill, you can easily add or change the rating of that skill.

Clicking on the "open details" button (yellow arrow on the screenshot below) will display even more details of the skill. From this panel, you can also rate the employee's skill or see the skill on the skill map.


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