What are TalentBoost's plugins and how to create them?

A plug-in is a functionality that a DevSkiller client company can design and create on its own in any programming language. The plug-in is installed and enabled upon request of individual clients/users. The main purpose of plug-ins is to tailor the TalentBoost platform to the individual needs of our clients.

  • Plug-ins are written in any language (Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby...).
  • Plug-ins provide UI embedded in our platforms
  • Plugins interact bi-directionally with our system (bi-directionality means that a plugin can retrieve and modify selected data in TalentBoost and at the same time the TalentBoost platform can embed and retrieve information from the plugin)

As DevSkiller, we provide our customers with a platform and framework in which they can build their solutions. These solutions, which are created completely outside the TalentBoost platform, are at the same time very well integrated with it.

IMPORTANT: As a DevSkiller, we are hosting the plug-ins. You create the plug-in, and we take care of its maintenance.

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