Talentboost repository

This is a simple functionality in the form of a plug-in [read more about plug-ins in the article: What are TalentBoost's plugins and how to create them?"], displayed on the employee's profile (Employee Account -> "Profile" tab ). It allows employees to leave any feedback. Feedback can be a file of any extension such as video, gif, text.

To add feedback go to the "Profile" tab, find the "Employee feedbacks" window and select the "Select feedback file for upload" button.


Select the file you want to add to the Employee Feedbacks tab.


The name of the added file will appear in the upper right corner. Confirm the action by clicking "Upload feedback file". If the feedback is added correctly, you will be able to see its details as in the screenshot below:


Each feedback has the option to preview it, download it to your computer or delete it (use the icons to the right of the feedback: magnifying glass, down arrow, garbage can).

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