Managing competence

TalentBoost is a tool enabling and supporting the management of skills both for you and your team, in specific areas. It helps you to remember to focus on developing qualifications that aid your business goals (short-, mid-, or long term). 

How to start managing competence?

Define and map competencies that you need to pay attention to. Carefully and thoughtfully consider what steps your company will be taking in the near term and the distant future.
Create a detailed list of skills that are or will be necessary for your team so that your employees can freely work on the development of your business. Group them by their importance. Assign the appropriate skills to the given sub-assemblies.

Develop yourself and your team by coaching or mentoring, depending on the needs. 

Make sure that you have a database of development tasks and other knowledge materials. Give your employees dedicated assignments that will support their self-improvement in specific areas. Organize lectures, conferences, and workshops to motivate your team.
Provide feedback. It’s important to do this on a daily basis. Don’t forget to conduct development talks when needed. Control progress in your team. Check if all the necessary skills are being gradually improved on and to what level. Avoid situations where only one person possesses a core competence.

It is very important to refresh your skill maps - all skills have their life cycle and in the tech world, new areas and solutions emerge quite often. Make sure what your team learns is not outdated. Be flexible and expand your knowledge of the current job market. Organize meetings every now and then to brainstorm with your team about what upgrades you should implement.

Create a development plan and TalentBoost will help you with everything else.


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