How often should you use TalentBoost?


You should regularly update your profile if you want to get the most out of TalentBoost. Once you onboard yourself, it is recommended to regularly self-assess your skills when you feel that you have improved or didn't use certain skills for a long time and your fluency has since decreased.

Besides tracking progress, TalentBoost is a great place to find new areas to explore (read here how to add a new skill). This can be achieved by checking the relevance to your skillset, by focusing on one additional area to specialize in, by broadening your skillset to become a generalist, or by expanding it to management and "people" skills. TalentBoost has a built-in recommendation system to dynamically tailor your career path and propose new skills to you. Acquiring new skills is easy with the learning materials provided.

TalentBoost also allows you to find mentors and experts within your organization who can most likely help boost your personal growth.

To summarise, the key factor is to be open and share your skills. TalentBoost will enable you to overview your current skill set, help you grow, and keep track of any changes. Developing and updating your skillset can be a great area of dialogue with your manager, and team members. 



As a manager, it is important to onboard and assesses the core skills of your colleagues and subordinates. Once this is complete, TalentBoost will help you better allocate resources for new or existing projects on a regular basis and keep track of changes in the company's skill base.

In the evaluation process, TalentBoost helps you maintain the engagement and growth of your employees, allowing you to design individual or general career plans (read how). Use it as a base during the performance reviews.

TalentBoost also allows you to compare the performance of individuals & groups. You can plan educational schemes of skills that are relevant to your employees while bringing the best returns (of the skills which they are closest to achieve).


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