Understanding assessments

TalentBoost enables you to measure and track your performance of skills more efficiently. It provides you with a thorough overview of knowledge (either at the combined company level or individually). You should consider different information sources for better understanding (TalentScore, self-assessment, or manager-assessment, read more of score types) and TalentBoost allows it.

To make the most out of your skill assessments, you should not consider them as final assessments. Rather, you should view them as the feedback you receive from your colleagues (managers) or knowledge assessed by the DevSkiller test and how your self-assessment is positioned. Skill assessments can always be changed, and for your benefit, you should keep them updated. TalentBoost helps you track the progress of your skillset. With this knowledge, you can grow faster as you will be aware of where your strengths and weaknesses are, and you adjust your career or learning path accordingly.


As a company manager

TalentBoost allows you to better project planning, allocate your resources, or expand the company-wide skill base. With the knowledge of your company’s skill base, you can quickly identify and address any skill gaps that can be closed by finding persons close to unlocking new areas.

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