How to use TalentScore assesment?

On some of the skills, you will find an option to get a test from TalentScore. After finishing a test a new score will appear on the tested skill. Most of the tests are automatically reviewed, so the reviews are free from any unconscious bias. Manual reviews are performed only on your test answers, all other information is hidden. Entering a test can happen from a skills map or your profile.

Skill map

Go to the skills map and search for the skill you would like to test using TalentScore. If the exam is configured with this skill you will see the 'Test' option in your skill scores. Click on 'Test' button to invite yourself to the exam.



Go to your profile and click on the 'Evaluate skills' button in the Skills overview section. Then, select the skills that you would like to evaluate using TalentScore and confirm by clicking on the 'Evaluate my skills' button.


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