Onboarding and first steps on TalentBoost

Onboarding process step by step, from the employee's point of view.

When you receive an email inviting you to TalentBoost from your manager, click on the 'Map your skills' button. You will be redirected to the login page, where you will be asked to set your password. After logging in, complete your name as the first step. Then, check if the "current job position" field is correctly completed. Then click on the "next step" button to continue with the onboarding process.


The next step is to assess your skills. Each employee has to evaluate skills closely related to the skill sets associated with their current position. You have a choice of 5 options describing your level of knowledge next to each skill:
Clean slate - No competency in the area
Basic - Ability to complete tasks under full supervision
Intermediate - Ability to complete standard tasks on one’s own, supervision in non-standard scenarios is required
Advanced - Ability to complete all tasks unassisted, no supervision required in non-standard scenarios
Expert - Ability to mentor others in the area of expertise as well as create new standards, continuously growing the skill level



Note: Remember to assess all core skills. If you omit any, you will be notified. Only after all core skills ratings will you be able to proceed with the rest of the onboarding process.


Once you have assessed all the skills your employer has given you, go to the next step and add the skills that you have and were not mentioned earlier. Click the blue button "+Add skills" to proceed.


Folders of skill groups are displayed, in which you can freely explore and select the skills that apply to you.


Once you have completed onboarding, your user panel will appear. On the first screen, you can see an overview map showing all the skills you have just assessed. You can zoom it in and out, move it around and click on the specific skill to display its details. 



The next tab is the User profile, where you will find your name, job position, and an overview of your skills. You can also check whether you have assessed all the necessary skillsets and view your TalentScore test results.


My career tab is designed to show the next steps you can take in the professional area. It indicates the requirements for given positions while taking into account the skills you currently have. 
Find more information about this section in the following article: How to use my career section?


In the Learning materials section, you can find teaching aids provided by your manager. You can also add the materials you think you need on your own.


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