How to use 'My career' section?

My career tab is designed to show us the next steps we can take in the professional area. It clearly indicates the requirements for given positions, while taking into account the skills we currently have. This tab is divided into several sections.

Recommended by your company - the section indicates the skills marked from the company level as recommended. "Your core skills" are marked with a star. These should be treated as a company requirement. "Additional skills" are welcome competencies that will come in handy while working for the company. Thanks to the presentation of the level of each skill we currently have in a graphic form, we can easily see which skills we should improve and which ones we should obtain.  After hovering over a given graph an option will appear: Start learning or Rate your knowledge.


Opportunities - this section proposes learning skills that a given employee can easily achieve because they already have other competencies that make up a given skill. By checking the checkbox which shows skills with second-degree ease of learning you can see which skills can be learned in the future.


The next sections consist of positions to which we can advance in the future. They detail the requirements for the position and the extent to which we need to learn each of these skills. You can also see how many points for a specific position you have earned so far.

If you would like to see the "My career" section of your employee, please switch to the Manager account. Go to the "People -> Employees" tab and choose the relevant employee. Then, under the "Skills overview" section, you will find the "Career analytics" button. After clicking it, you will be redirected to the view of your employee.



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