What is a skills map?

A supporting tool for supervisors and employees is the Skills Map.

Its general view displays all the skills in the system and indicates how these skills are filled in the company. The larger the dots the more developed the area. The darkness of the dots changes when more people have a specific skill in the company. Additionally, the fullness of the dots changes when it comes to expertise of the skill in the company. If you zoom the map you’ll see that the dots are filled with a certain amount of color reflecting the percentage of expertise

The map can be freely navigated: zoom in and out, and you can view more areas and filter them as required.

By clicking on any section, the sub-areas that make up the area will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, along with the level of knowledge assigned to them. By clicking further, it is possible to delve into related sub-areas, skill groups and finally reach individual skills.

On the skills map, we are also able to view the specific skill we are interested in, and more specifically

- the average level of knowledge of this skill in the company
- relations - competencies connected to the skill
- employees who possess a given skill, sorted from the most experienced person in this area to the least experienced
- which employees are learning the skill
- an opportunity to suggest to the team that a particular skill is worth learning (thumbs up is displayed next to a specific skill for developers)

After clicking on the name of a given skill, we will be taken to a panel that allows us to view and edit it in more detail.


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