What is a skills manager?


The Skills Manager is a tab for competence administration. This tool allows you to add new skills and  create custom skills at every possible level:

- At the area level

- At the sub-area level

- At the skill group level

The tab contains the default skill areas with corresponding sub-areas and groups. However, if these are not enough for you, you have the option to create your own objects. To do this, go to the very bottom of the screen and select the "+ Add skill area" button.


If you do not want certain skill areas to be visible to employees you can easily hide them using the eye icon that will appear when you hover over any section. As a result, the areas in question will not be displayed on the skills map and will be omitted from the analytics. Next to the eye icon, you will also find a pen that will allow you to navigate to the skill editing window. 


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