How to use career paths?

The "Career paths" tab can be used to organize the employee development planning process. It is a precise tool, allowing you to define successive positions that an employee may take after gaining specific experience and skills.


How to add a new career path? 

After navigating to the "Career paths" tab, to add a new path, click on the blue "+Add new" button in the top right corner.


Once you have done this, a window will appear. It will allow you to edit the specific path. Fill in the "Name" and "Description" fields, and then add the "Job positions" that make up the path. 

Note: You can add multiple job positions. Remember to confirm each position with the "Add" button on the right. 

When you have completed all fields, save the new path with the "Save" button.


How to delete or edit a career path?

If you want to delete a career path, hover over the one you are interested in. A trashcan icon will appear on the right. Click the icon and confirm the whole process with the "delete" button. 

To preview or edit an existing path, simply click on the name of the article in question. Once clicked, an edit window will appear. If you want to change something in a career path make the necessary changes and confirm by clicking "Save".


How to create different career paths branching from the same job position?

If you would like to create branching paths simply create two different career paths starting from the same job position. From the employee's perspective, the user will see the paths most suitable to their current skillset.

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