What are career paths?

Building career paths in a company is one of the most important factors enabling its development. If we want to achieve market success, we need to offer employees the possibility of self-fulfillment or, in the long run, promotion. Thanks to this, employees are able to fulfill their full potential.

You can add a new path and define it in the career paths tab. The "description" field allows you to specify exactly what the path is about, and "Job positions" allow you to list the successive positions that make up that path. 


How do I add a new career path? 

Once you have navigated to the "Career Paths" tab, to add a new path, click the blue "+Add new" button in the top right corner and fill in the various fields as desired. Once you are finished creating a new career path click on "save" to confirm. You can read more about use cases in this article.


How do I edit an existing career path? 

To view or edit an existing path, simply click on the name of that particular path. Once clicked, an edit window will appear. Once you are finished making changes, click on "save" to confirm.



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