Introducing The Simple IDE

Introducing Simple in-browser editor

We would like to present  Simple IDE mode - the newest feature, supporting candidates in solving tests on our platform. As the name suggests it is simple and allows the candidate to save a lot of time. Why? Because it doesn't require setting up the development environment on a local machine.

Candidates do not need to copy or download the code or wait for the dependencies to be installed. They just open the appropriate subfolder and start programming.

How is the Simple in-browser editor different from other IDEs like IntelliJ or Pycharm?

In contrast to IntelliJ, Simple IDE provides very uncomplicated Intelligent code completion, which includes basic hints consisting of keywords used in the specific file. This is a big advantage, e.g. for frontend-related tasks.

Moreover, Simple IDE will be the best solution for newcomers who are not familiar with IDEs like IntelliJ or Pycharm. The time that the candidate would have to spend on learning a new tool may be spent on solving a task. Simple IDE is highly intuitive and requires no prior preparation.

How to use the Simple IDE during your test?

To use Simple IDE mode for programming assignments in the TalentScore exam, select the “Simple in-browser editor” option when you get to the programming task section in your test.


After the Simple IDE loads, the full interface will be displayed.

How to run tests in Simple IDE?

To run tests to be able to validate your solutions for the tasks, click the “Run tests” or “Build & run tests” button. After running the tests, in the separate “test results” tab, you will see if your solutions have passed or not. The tests are helpful to check your progress and to see whether your solution covers the requirements.

TalentScore panel features

This section describes the panel’s features in detail:

  1. Timer - At the top of the panel, there will be a timer showing you how much time you have left to complete your test. 
  2. Actions - This section enables you to change the solving method mode to either GIT, IntelliJ, or download mode.
  3. Task description - In this tab, you can access and see the task description.


  1. Theme - This section includes the theme options for the TalentScore panels:

5.1. Darkmode - Turn the dark mode of the UI on and off. This option turns the dark mode on only for the TalentScore UI. To change the theme in the IDE go to the settings in the right upper-corner and enable the option “Dark mode”

5.2. High contrast - Turn the high contrast mode for the UI on or off. High contrast mode is compatible with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. It adjusts the contrast ratio to help people with sight impairments use our platform more efficiently.image3.png

  1. Finish - This button will finish the task and the test (if this is the last task to complete). 

NOTE: You do not need to save your code manually. The IDE will do it automatically for you every 10 seconds.

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