How to add new skills?

As a Supervisor, you are able to add new skills. You can do this using the SkillManager, which helps you manage the entire skill inventory of your company. You can add new skills and sub skills to pre-existing groups, or create a new area of skills.


Please note, the hierarchy of skills is as follows:

  1. Area, e.g. Soft Skills
  2. Sub area, e.g. Creativity
  3. Skill, e.g. Creative tools
  4. Sub skill, e.g. Implementation


Adding a skill to a pre-existing skill group

  1. In SkillManager search the area of interest and narrow down the subarea to which you wish to add a skill. 
  2. When the subarea is unfolded, to add a new skill, simply click on the + Add skill button, below the list of skills. 
  3. In the pop-up, fill in the necessary details. If required, you can change the location of your skill,  under Location. Under Relations, you can link the skill to other skills in the inventory. 
  4. Select Save Skill when you’re done. 

Adding a subskill

If you would like to add a sub skill, first use the SkillManager to navigate to the relevant Skill, under which you wish to add the new sub skill. Select + Add sub skill and follow the same process as when adding a new skill (shown above).

Creating a new group of skills

In order to create a new group, simply select the ‘+ Add skill group’ button, below the other groups of skills in the subarea. Enter the name of your new group and confirm by clicking Save. You may change the name by hovering over the new group and selecting the Edit option. Add skills to the group by following the process under Adding a skill to a pre-existing skill group.


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