Integrate with Teamtailor

By activating our integration with Teamtailor, you will be able to add triggers that automatically send tests to your candidates. Once a candidate has completed the assessments, you can then see their results right on the candidate card in Teamtailor.

Getting started

To enable the integration, you first have to connect your existing Devskiller TalentScore account through the Teamtailor Marketplace page. Once in the marketplace, click on the Devskiller card and press Activate. You will then be taken to your Settings/Devskiller page within Teamtailor where you can add your API key.

To get your TalentScore Teamtailor API key, go to the TalentScore "Integrations" page, scroll down to the Teamtailor section, and click on the "GENERATE API KEY" button.

Once your API key has been added to Teamtailor, please contact Teamtailor support to get a URL to add to your Devskiller account under Settings/Integrations/API access.

Then press "ADD WEBHOOK", enter the URL, and set the API version to V2.


Set up the workflow on Teamtailor

You can set up the Devskiller trigger and send candidates your chosen test suite automatically when a candidate card reaches the chosen stage.

To add a trigger:

  1. Click on the Triggers tab under applications in a chosen Job.

  2. Go to a stage where you want the event to happen.

  3. Click the plus button ✚ to add the trigger.

  4. Select the:

    1. Test

    2. Days to complete test

Now every time you move a candidate to this stage, it will tell Devskiller TalentScore to send your chosen test to the candidate. If you would like to add more than one test, please create another trigger with a different test selected.

You will also see on the candidate's card in Teamtailor now has a status of "Sent" under the name Devskiller.

Once the candidate has completed your test, on the candidate card under Devskiller, you will now see the status of 'Completed' with their score out of 100. Below the score will also be the following:

  • Online Report

  • Download PDF Report


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