How to compare employees' skills?

1. Head to the Analytics page.


2. Chose Objects of analysis


The Analytics page allows you to compare by Team, All employees, Seniority level, and Employee name. Whichever one you choose becomes your Object 1, in order to compare employees select either All employees or use Employee name to select a particular employee. 

In case of choosing Team, Seniority level, or Employee name an additional text box will appear in which you can specify your selection. When you click inside the text box, suggestions will appear below. 

You can have more than one selection for Object 1 by clicking or… next to the text box. (In case of a misclick, select the x in the blue area.)

In order to add another search area to Object 1, select + Add criteria.

If you wish to compare against items in Object 1 select + Add object. Object 2 will appear below. You have the same selection choice of Team, All employees, Seniority level, and Employee name. You can adjust your selection in the same way as you did in Object 1. Again, if you wish to compare against a particular employee, select All employees or choose the Employee name of a single employee. Note: You can add more than one employee! (use or… to add another selection).

You can add as many Objects as you need.

3. Analysed skills

In the Analysed skills section, you can select which skills you wish to compare. The choice is from All, Select by skills or by skillsets. In addition, you can also select group skills depending on their position in the skill hierarchy. 

Time of analysis

Select the period of time during which you wish to compare objects. Easily choose between today, the past 3 or 6 months, or a year. Alternatively, simply create your own selection using the calendar provided below. 

Click Analyse in order to get your results.

Skill level analysis results page

The results page visually presents the data of your selected objects. At the bottom of the list, you are also provided with a short summary of the findings. You can alter the time period you wish to search through, as well as filter the results by types of ratings.


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