How to encourage employees to use TalentBoost?

Like in the case of any other system or tool, the most important aspect is to describe and align why it is beneficial to use TalentBoostin your everyday life or at work. TalentBoost should be treated as a live platform to discuss skills development, strategic planning, and risk management. 

The first step is to connect TalentBoost with the company development plans. Represent the strategy as the language of skills and competencies. Try to convince your employees to ask themselves a question, “What can we learn to be able to achieve our goals?”. Get team development strategies and individual paths on the same track. If it turns out challenging for you, please don’t hesitate to talk to your supervisors, colleagues, or DevSkiller consultants!

TalentBoost is built to deal with skills and development in a fun way. It’s based on ideas taken from strategic computer games. Use this analogy to engage your team and invite them to take part in the constructive competition. However, remember not to exert too much pressure, to avoid unnecessary rivalry within your organization. Let the entire process take place in a friendly and stress-free atmosphere.

To demonstrate the advantages of TalentScore, organize a meeting with your team to brainstorm and list all areas where TalentBoost can be helpful. Use an individual, team, and company perspective. Moreover, creating a general plan will make it easier to sum up the goals you need to focus on and to further navigate the platform. Consider how to balance the growth of the company with the individual employee's desire for self-development.

“Walk the talk” - use TalentBoost yourself and show its possibilities. Direct your employees and thoroughly explain how to use this tool. It would be a great idea to organize individual or team workshops to walk your people through the mapping process.

Use TalentBoost during development talks; implement it into your team’s daily business, so that employees have a chance to get accustomed to the new system. Discuss TalentBoost use cases, possible problems, and challenges that your employees could experience. Motivate them with positive feedback and small non-financial rewards for those who use TB.

This platform is built for you to increase your comfort and effectiveness. In the beginning, it may require some work, however, it is worth it. It’s important to remember that development planning and control can be really fun!

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