How to nudge an employee towards self-development?

There are several ways to encourage an employee to develop their skills on their own.

Firstly, advise the employee to identify their major career goals.. Then, cater development plans towards their future development, not only to their present state.
Indicate the benefits that await the employee if they continue to maintain their skills and expand their knowledge.

Define development needs together with your team and specific employees - make it a normal and useful part of your working environment.
Together, try to think about the employee’s strengths and what can be done so that their work can best advance the work of the entire team.

Additionally, align what exactly this development will mean to the employee and what is in it for them.
Discuss this in terms of expected positive changes and specific behaviors.
It is easier and much more rewarding to talk in concrete terms.

Identify if there is any negative bias hindering beliefs towards self-development that can hamper your employee.
If any bias exists, try to find a solution for it together. It's important that the employee feels noticed and treated as an individual.
This will help them to become more motivated to work and self-actualize.

If possible - connect self-development to the company/team/individual values of the employee - it can be a huge source of motivation.
An employee will become much more productive if they see the real impact of their work on the company's growth.

Show that self-development will enhance the scope of possibilities within your organization.
List all the positives that an employee's investment in themselves will bring.

Listen to your employees, and be creative and flexible. Use motivation tools that are already implemented and effective. Strive to be the best example of how you want your company to work.
Foster a sense of responsibility in employees to avoid too much control and let them perform tasks independently.
Remember that in addition to technical skills, it is also worthwhile to pay attention to honing the soft skills of your employees.

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