Introducing the Sidebar panel

To help with your time management and ease the test navigation we've implemented a collapsable sidebar panel.



At the top of the panel, you can find your Exam Progress so far. It displays the percentage of completed sections of the whole test. You can also find information on how many pages the exam has and on which of the pages you currently are. 



Below there is an exam list with the contents of the test. It represents the order of tasks in your exam and some extra details like task types and suggested time you need to solve it. You'll also be able to check how many tasks are ahead of you. 


If enabled by your recruiter, you might have an option to navigate the test in any order you wish. Just click the task and you are there! 



NOTE: Every time you decide to move to a different task without answering the current one, you will see a  warning pop-up making sure you want to move forward without an answer. If the option to move between tasks is enabled, you will be able to return to any of the previously skipped tasks and answer them.


There are a couple of statuses of the task in the left-side navigation bar:

  • All of the already completed tasks will be displayed with a checkmark next to the section name.mceclip0.png
  • Tasks that were opened but not yet completed are marked in the sidebar with three dots in a circle symbol.
  • Tasks that were not yet opened will be displayed with their order number as shown below.



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