How to use the Custom Email Templates feature

To use the email templates feature you need to fulfill two requirements. First, you need the feature active on your company account. If your account doesn’t have the feature, please contact our representative to acquire it. Secondly, your user account must own ‘Candidate management’ and ‘Company manager’ roles. If it doesn’t please ask your manager to assign you these roles.
Accessing the email templates panel is simple - you need to click on the top-right icon and navigate to ‘Email templates’ as shown in the image below.

You will be welcomed by the Email templates panel. On top, you can see the selection panel, where you can click on a specific category to filter the templates. There are four categories of templates:
  • Invitation - Used as a template for test invitation emails.
  • Reminder - Used as a template for a reminder that there are 24 hours left to take the test.
  • Qualification - Used as a template for sending an email with feedback to the candidates after they were accepted by the user.
  • Disqualification - Used as a template for sending an email with feedback to the candidates after they were rejected by the user.
If the default template exists it will be used as a template when creating a new one for each category.

To create a new template click on ‘Add new template’ and then select the category.

You will have a few fields to fill in. The ‘Template name’ is the name for your template used only for the main list and ‘Email title’ will be used as a title of the automatic email. The ‘Email content’ field is used to create the main part of the email. Click on ‘Insert’ to add a snippet or button.
When creating the invitation template please remember to add an invite button, without it the candidate won’t be able to access their exam!
See the example below.

You can modify the style of every template by clicking on ‘Style settings’ either when in the template editor or the main menu. There are several categories to choose from. You can either select one of the predefined colors or use the RGB code for the color that you’d like to use. If you like your scheme - click save on the bottom of the page. The preview template will be visible below the style settings so you can see how your scheme looks - example below.
Please remember that this scheme will apply to all templates!

It is also possible to add an image to the template. You can upload it from your computer or by inserting the image URL.

On the bottom of the template editor, there are a few useful buttons and indicators.
  • The SYNTAX field on the left side will indicate when there is a syntax mistake, for example, brackets that aren’t closed, etc.
  • The SPAM SCORE field will show the likelihood of your email template being treated as spam when sent out to candidates.
  • The PREVIEW button will let you see how the email template would look - you can choose either HTML or text.
  • The SAVE button will save your template when you’re happy with it.

You can assign your template to a single or multiple tests in the field that will appear after saving the template.
Click on the switch near ‘Set as default template’ to set your template as a default template for the type i.e. invitation, reminder, etc.
Remember that there can only be one default template of a specific type, active at any time. Please keep in mind that when you save your new template it might override the previous one.
You can always click on the three dots to duplicate, edit, manage assigned tests, or delete the template. Example below.
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