Code gaps

Code gaps is a multipurpose task. You can upload a snippet of code with gaps in it where the candidate must fill in the blanks to make it complete.

In order to create such a task, navigate to the Tasks library, click on the button 'Create new task' and in the drop-down list pick 'Code gaps'.

Fill in all of the necessary information like task title, question, tags, difficulty level, and so on. Once done, you can now start creating a Code snippet: Paste the piece of code/text >> Select a code/text fragment and click the "Create gap" button to create a gap that is to be filled by the candidate.


NOTE: Please, remember that if there is more than 1 correct answer, add them all as a possible correct answer. Do not make the question sound ambiguous. In code gaps tasks the result is calculated from the following formula (correctGaps / allGaps * maxScore)

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