How to create a test

TalentScore has three ways to create a test.

  • Choose predefined test - A turnkey solution that can be used if you're not technical. The tests were created by the team here at TalentScore, meaning experts within that skill set. 
  • Skills-based wizard - Great if you have been given a job description. It means you can pick the skills you would like to test and build a test based on that.
  • Manually select tasks - This gives you the option to go through all of the tasks we have and select what you feel is the best question. This will allow you to create your own custom test.

To create a test, click on Tests > Create new test

When you have created a test, it is also possible to edit it at any time. This will give you the flexibility to update your test so it is always current. Click here to see how to edit your test settings.

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