Add/Delete/Edit a task

Every test on TalentScore can be edited, and tasks can be removed or added depending on your needs and preferences. If a candidate has already been invited to a test, an additional task can no longer be added/removed as this will affect the final evaluation. 

To add/remove a task to a test that has had a candidate invited, one simply needs to clone the test and then continue to edit it. 

Add a task
To add a task to an existing test, click on the "Your tests" tab, and select the test you would like to edit. To add a task, click the "Add task" button on the side and select the task type. It can be chosen from our database, after a quick search or uploaded by yourself. 

Please note, different question types cannot be mixed in one section.


Delete a task
To delete a task or a section, simply hover over the rubbish bin in the corner and click Delete.


Edit a task
When you click on a task, additional editing options will appear:

Points value - allows to select the maximum number of points that a candidate can receive for the task.
Task duration - allows to determine how much time a candidate has to solve the task. 


Note: It is important not to confuse the 'task duration' field while creating a test and the 'suggested duration' field in the custom task. Changing the duration of the task while creating one specific test will not change it in all existing tests. A task will always inherit the time that is assigned to it in the 'suggested duration' field. Please see the below example:

If you create a new test with the aforementioned task, this task's duration will always be 10 seconds by default. If you want to change it, follow the instructions under Edit a task section.

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