How are SQL tasks scored

For our SQL tasks, we use the following scoring rules:


1. The result columns match => 25%

When writing a query for the SQL test, and the result of this query is a table with the data from the database. So the first rule means that the candidate succeeded in getting the necessary columns and receives 25% of the score.

2. The expected data is included in the result => 50%

On our side, we have the correct answer which has the expected data inside. If this data coincides with the data that the candidate got, he or she will receive an additional 25%.

3. The expected data matches but in the wrong order => 75%

If the data that the candidate received after the query is the same as we expected, but the order is wrong, the candidate will receive an additional 25%.

However, if you are not interested in the order of the query, you can check this position while adding the task and the row order will be ignored. The candidate will then receive 100% at this step.

Note that you can only edit your own task. Our predefined tasks are not editable.


4. The expected data matches and is in the correct order => 100%

If the result of the validation received by the candidate is identical to the expected one, then the candidate will receive 100% for the completed task.


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