Single Sign-On Configuration

If your plan includes Single Sign-On (SSO) it is possible to configure it in two steps.


Identity provider configuration

On your identity provider (IDP) administration panel register a new SAML application using the parameters below:

Below you can find links to popular providers and their setup guides:

TalentScore configuration

Next, on the TalentScore app Navigate to Settings -> Company Settings. In the "SAML Configuration" section:

  1. Select the checkbox "SAML Enabled". 
  2. Paste the federation metadata into "SAML Metadata XML" field.
  3. If your IDP keeps the user email in a different field than the "nameID" you can paste it into  "SAML Username attribute"


Authenticating with SAML:

  1. The entry URL to the system is visible on the SSO configuration page, and usually, it's equal to
  2. Users are not allowed to log in using the password or reset the password. However, the account owner can still fully access the password-based authentication.
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