Code pair with video interview - how it works

TalentScore gives you the option of conducting a live code pair with a video interview session, one-on-one with the candidate over the internet. 

The feature works similar to a Skype call, as both sides need to access the test in the same time frame. To use this feature, we recommend scheduling a meeting with the candidate and sending an invite to the test just before the meeting. The candidate will access the test (the same way as any other candidate) and on the user side please access the candidate profile, where you'll find the "Join test session" button.

NOTE: Only one user and the candidate can participate in the video interview! 

Once you access the session you will see the live feed of the candidate’s exam window. To start a call, click on the green telephone button, and please allow the browser to access your camera and microphone to conduct the video interview (the candidate will also be asked to accept the same on their side).


Apart from normal voice and video chat, you'll also have access to a chatbox through which you can interact with the candidate. To open the chatbox, click on the chat icon on the right side of the call panel.


Screen sharing is available for both the candidate and the user. To start sharing your screen, click on the icon farthest to the left on the chat panel and select the “Share screen” option. Then, select the window that you would like to share from the available options.


Code pair feature enables the user to edit the candidate’s exam while they are working on a Programming or SQL task. To start editing the programming task click on the “CLAIM EDITOR” button. The candidate will have to click on the same button to reclaim editing rights as only one person can use the editor at a time.


To do the same in the SQL task click on the “CLAIM EDITOR” button located on the top right-hand side of the Query editor window.


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