Sending a test invite from a personal email address

When a test is sent out, the recipient will see that has been sent from a TalentScore email address. 

There are two possible ways to change the email address and have it sent from a company email.

If using Gmail or Gsuite it can be done this way.
Login into your account and enter the email address in the following format:
Candidate's name < Youremail+Candidate'>

The invite should look like this. 

John Doe <>

Or if using G Suite:
John Doe <>

The name at the start will appear on the test invite to the candidate so it is important to get this right and the name appearing after the beginning of your email will be used as a reference. 

When the test email has been sent to your account, you can then forward the link to the candidate from your email, or go to the candidate's home page and copy and paste the link.

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