Tasks Library

In the Task Library section, you can manage and create the tasks that will be used to create the tests.

Task List

The Task List contains short summaries of all the tasks, including:

  • task name
  • task type
  • difficulty level
  • suggested task duration
  • suggested points value for the task
  • tested skills
  • task description preview

For each task on the list, when you hover over it, you can select to Show full task preview.

For your convenience, we have added two tabs in this section:

  • All Tasks - with all the tasks that are available to use for you
  • Your Tasks - with the tasks that your team has created

All the tasks in the list can be grouped by technology and difficulty level.

You can also search the tasks by skills, titles, or questions.

You can also select if only the tasks available for your business plan should be displayed or all the tasks.

Task Preview

In the Task Preview section, you can see the entire task description. For the programming and SQL tasks, you can also access the provided source code files from there.

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