Change the settings of a test

Edit the settings of a test by selecting the test you would like to edit. Once on the test homepage click the Test Settings button which will appear in the top right-hand corner.


The settings that can be changed are as follows:

Test duration: The duration of a test can be set for a time period as long as you need This period can range from 10 minutes to a whole weekend if necessary. If these parameters aren't changed then the automatic duration will be used. This duration is calculated by the creators of the test and the developers. There will always be enough time to complete a task.

The time limit for each task: This option will display the questions one by one and when the allocated time has expired the system will automatically move on to the next task.

Please note, after switching to this option, a candidate will not be presented with a test divided into expandable parts in the test preview. Instead, they will see a list of tasks for a given test in order.

One direction flow: When a candidate is taking a test it is possible to enable one direction flow, this means that once a section is complete a candidate will not be able to return to it. (They will be notified that this is the case during the test).

If you would like a candidate to go back and forth simply disable this feature and they can do so. 
This option is enabled by default and the reason is to prevent the situation when the candidate is working with a friend and both are resolving different tasks at the same time.

Options for answering the programming task:  There are three ways a candidate can answer a programming task, they can use the in-browser editor, clone a Git repo, or download a zip file, It is possible to disable any of these features and make the candidate use a certain method by clicking on the slider. 

Share with other teams:  If you have divisions within your account and one division created a test, it is possible to share that by clicking the slider at the bottom. 

Allow overtime changes: Give your candidate a chance to upload a code within the next 30 minutes after the total time is up for the test. Check this article for details.
Set invitation validity: It is possible to set how long the invitation will remain valid for a specific exam. It’s a default value and can be overwritten if needed.

All of these features will be automatically saved. 

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