Code review

To create a code review task click on Tests > Tasks Library > Press + Create a new task and choose the Code review type of question.

Then just add the general settings of the test like title, tags, points value, suggested duration of the task, and the question itself.

Proceed with uploading the zip file with your code, add reference comments, and the task will be ready.

Reference comments

Add reference comments to make candidate evaluation easier. The evaluator will view reference comments next to the candidate's comments during evaluation and can make use of them to rate the candidate's answers.

To add a comment, choose a file using a file tree and select a code fragment that you would like to comment on. After selecting the code fragment, press the 'c' key to open the comment editor.

NOTE: Code review tasks require manual evaluation because the answer is subjective. Some companies/developers will have preferred ways to solve a problem that will align to their best practices or mindset, which therefore means it cannot be said if it is right or wrong by the machine that automatically marks it.

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