How to invite candidates

There are few ways for inviting candidates to the test. 

To invite a candidate for a test, click Invite Candidate on the homepage or on the test homepage.  Select the test you would like to use from the drop-down box. Please note, for a test to appear here, you must have already created or used one, you can check this by clicking on Your tests tab.  

Here you can add tags to your candidate (E.g. location, position name) which will help you to filter specific candidates out. Moreover, as shown on the GIF below, you can prolong the validity of invite for this invite/s and add a message which will appear in the email invite.
Once done, enter the candidate's email, edit the test invitation settings and click invite. 



You can invite the existing candidate to another test (E.g. You decide to test the same candidate for different positions). Select the candidate, then click +Add invitation, then repeat the steps described above. 



While being on the Your tests tab, click the Invite candidates button, fill in the empty field and send the invites.



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