User Permissions

Each user can have any of following authorities:

Candidate details viewing

Allows user to view all candidate details like his personal information, score and answers. Read-only access, this authority doesn't allow user to modify anything.

Answers assessment

User with this authority can start assessment of a candidate and score answers. It also allows the option to add a note about candidate.

Users with answers assessment authority also needs Candidate details viewing authority

Candidates management

Allows user to manage candidates. User with this authority can:

  • invite new candidates
  • change personal information of candidates
  • accept/reject candidates
  • send feedback to candidates

Users with candidates management authority also needs Candidate details viewing authority and Answers assessment

Exams/Tasks authoring

Allows user to create new tests, edit/clone existing tests and activate/deactivate tests. It also allows to manage tasks in Tasks database.

Company manager

Allows user to:

  • edit billing and company details
  • manage subscriptions and credits
  • add/edit other users

Users with company manager authority also needs Candidates management, Answers assessment and Tests/Tasks authoring authorities

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