Integrate with Slack

Slack is a collaboration hub for work, no matter what kind of work you do.
TalentScore will post notifications to keep your team up to date. You can also accept, reject, and send feedback to your candidates directly from Slack.

TalentScore Panel

The first step is to log in to your TalentScore account and click on  Your profile >> Integrations. On this page, you will see a Slack integration option.

Click the 'Add to Slack' button and sign in to your Slack workspace and then log into your account. Now you should be on the setup page. Here you need to pick the appropriate channel within your Slack app, select where you would like to receive updates from TalentScore, and press 'Authorize'. We recommend that you create a separate Slack channel so that you can invite your teammates there, and follow your recruitment process together. 

Please, make sure to review all the information before authorizing the integration. NOTE: you can change the workspace here, just click the button in the top right corner:


Finish the integration

Once you have integrated your TalentScore account with Slack and authorized DevSkiller, there is one final step you need to perform. In order to receive messages about your candidates, you will also need to add the DevSkiller app to the Slack Channell that you intend to use for recruitment (the same that you have selected previously while integrating on the side of TalentBoost).

To do this, go to Channell Settings > Integrations > Apps

Search for Devskiller and add it as shown below:


Once the DevSkiller app has been added and integrated successfully, the following message will appear on the mentioned channel:


Now, if you would like to check your settings please click on 'Devskiller' in the message you have received via Slack. Here you will be able to Remove the integration if necessary.

Your Slack is now fully integrated with TalentScore!

Using this integration TalentScore can:

  • Confirm a user's identity, granted by 1 team member
  • Post to specific channels within Slack, granted by 1 team member
  • Access your workspace’s profile information, granted by 1 team member
  • View email addresses of people in this workspace, granted by 1 team member
  • Send messages as TalentScore, granted by 1 team member
  • Post messages via a direct message

Now, go ahead and invite a candidate from your TalentScore account. As soon as your candidate finishes the assessment, you will receive a notification on your integrated Slack channel. Within Slack, you can easily navigate to the candidate's profile (report), make a decision on a candidate, and send feedback. This is how it looks like:


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