How do I know if someone cheated?

TalentScore has many security features that enable you to check to see if the candidate has cheated and whether it was the correct candidate that has taken the test. 

Candidate IP address: This will tell you the approximate location a test has been taken. It is a great feature because if the test wasn't taken in the expected area you can immediately ask the candidate why? This will quickly find dishonest candidates. It appears above the red line on the image below.



Similarity score: This is an automated check which will show you the level of similarity of the candidate's answer compared to the most similar answers for the same task on the platform. This is global, so will compare it to other candidates not only within your account but on the whole system.

NOTE: Please understand that similarity does not necessarily mean that the candidate cheated. Similarities can show up frequently in less complex and simpler problems because the logic needed to complete the task cannot contain much variability.


Session recording: If enabled, you will be able to watch a candidate's test playback. This means you can see their keystrokes, where they have clicked, and what they have typed in real-time. Click here to see what it looks like in action.

Static camera input: This will allow you to ask the candidate to take a picture of themselves at certain stages during the test. This can be added as many times as necessary. There is no limit to it. Click here to see what it looks like.

Code pair: This feature enables you to watch a candidate taking a test live and turn on a video, meaning you can see who is taking the test and have a conversation with them. It is also possible to actually code with the candidate as well, so if they have a problem you can edit it and give them a little extra push if necessary. Click here to see code pair and how it works.

Social Listening tools: We are constantly monitoring the internet to see where we are mentioned and by whom. This means questions on our database aren't leaked. I encourage you to Google for TalentScore answers, there will be nothing. 

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